restricted access mini excavator hire

Perth's Smallest Excavator ?

700mm wide for narrow access. Available for hire, pick up or delivery. Optional damage waiver available.

Our Kubota K008-3, 1 tonne (0.92t) mini excavator can withdraw it’s tracks, from 860mm to 700mm wide.

Despite it’s size this machine is very capable of most tasks you would find in a restricted access environment.

Easily gain access through a garden gate or carport, with the rollcage removed you could even traverse a standard door frame with the door attached!

Lightweight enough to transport on its own, or combined with our mini dumper on a single trailer! It can even be craned in.

Mini excavator excavating sand
mini excavator fencing tree roots

700mm / 600mm mud bucket

Great for excavations in sand and highly efficient at moving spoil.

350mm gp bucket

For hardbaked sand and clay, as well as areas with scattered limestone. Good for ripping up roots.

300mm / 200mm trenching bucket

Useful for minimising disruption and great for footings.

Machine Blade

Push sand around for backfilling, scrape the top off or level areas and tidy up.

"A highly efficient little excavator."

mini excavator black and white image

If you have a tough job and 800mm or less access, this is the machine you need.

Excavate footings, remove tree stumps, install modular drainage, lift blocks, auger post holes, excavate pools, backfill retaining walls, remove / install fencing, break concrete and remove spoil when combined with the mini dumper.

Great for restricted access excavation, demolition, cleanups, construction work and landscaping.

mini digger and dumper on a trailer

Lift 5 wheelbarrows of material 1.3m high and tip. 0.45m3 / 1000kg payload ! Unparalleled capability.

Both machines 750mm wide, the hardest part of that tight access job just became easy.

Combo plant trailer fitter with on-board brake controller carries both machines. Tow with any diesel.

  • Excavating for modular polypropylene soakwell installation.
  • Digging footings and trenching for services.
  • Undermining and removing tree stumps as well as clearing bush and sod.
  • Demolition work such as concrete soakwell removal and breaking slabs and driveways (rockbreaker).
  • Restricted access pool excavations.
  • Restricted access retaining wall installation (auger / block lifter).

mini excavator with auger attachment fitted

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    What's in it for you?

    Maximise profit
    Get more done in a day and save on labour costs. Out-quote those who do it the hard way, and still be ahead.

    Work smarter
    Dont just assume it needs to be done by hand because it’s tight, we have something for every job down to 750mm!

    Take on new jobs
    Expand your services with our range of attachments and take the jobs you used to avoid.

    Look after yourself
    Save your back, no need to dig anything by hand and the dumper can transport all the spoil effortlessly.